What does AI mean for Customer Service too?

What does AI mean for Customer Service?

AI is a fashionably loud ‘term’ these days.

There are Companies out there using AI for Business indeed, for Marketing, IT, Finance. Powerful examples of AI used today include Machine/Deep Learning in Security, Finance & Marketing (again), Fraud, Smart Cars… of course! 🙂

But what about Customer Service?

What does AI mean for Customer Service?

Over the next 3MIN(26s), i’d like to walk you through the compelling use case of health-tech demo company Precision Bionics. Show you an example of how Salesforce Einstein for Service uses Machine Learning to make a newly hired Support-Rep’s life much easier.

New to salesforce but not new to customer service.

For the past 4 years i’ve been involved in “Customer Service Tech” related endeavours including Consulting, Solution Engineering, Product Development and Natural Language Processing. Focusing mainly on the following channels: voice/telephony and virtual-assistant/chat.

What does AI mean for Customer Service?

If you’d like to continue this conversation, have questions or would like more information and/or have a project around AI for Customer Service: i’d be very happy to have a chat. Please feel free to contact me over LinkedIn.

Thank you.

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