From Paris to San Francisco: Dreamforce 2016 – A Visitor’s Tale

2016 was mostly about Salesforce:

I went to the following Salesforce World Tours (and Essentials): Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona. In each case i’ve been presenting a Cloud CTI Solution that integrates with SFDC Service Cloud. This very year my department has grown 150% with regards to our Cloud CTI Solution + SFDC Service Cloud. This year we’ve managed to focus on connecting with the SE side of the SFDC Organisation in EMEA and with success. Needless to say it’s been a great year.

Everything connected [for me] at Dreamforce [2016]:

Why is there such a good vibe at these “world tours”? Why are SFDC Partners and SFDC staff astonishingly focus during these “warm up” events? Why are we* growing 150% on SFDC projects? Why is “everyone” so excited about about “CRM”?

Dreamforce gathers community & promotes culture:

Yep, and this is amazing to see. IT [aka Information Tech] is not a boring endeavour because IT is NOT “IT” anymore. IT is everywhere and for everyone to get their hands on: key for business success. SFDC has been able to make this happen: and it excites people. People want to feel awesome at what they do and “Tech for all” brings this forward. Tech for the business and [as a consequence or simultaneously]  business “pushing” the tech

Dreamforce is Wood Stock [you may choose also Disney land but i preferWood Stock] for Business Tech

As a first timer i was naturally blown away. But more so by the incredible organisation/coordination that it for sure entails. Everything is “perfect”. Carefully crafted planned, design and executed. As a client, it must be heaven. As a partner, i was tremendously excited.

Dreamforce as a partner

As a partner, you are/should-be able to Leverage the community strategically. Showcase how you blend in via amazing demos. Meet with prospects, clients, other partners and SFDC team

In a nutshell:

This is a journalistic (as in the journals you use to have as a kid) type of post. To be totally transparent, this post came in handy to fill in the “October 2016” position 🙂 That said: articles on CRM, Analytics, WebRTC, Digital Customer Care, or Web App Dev can be found in Le Blog de Carlos 🙂

Thank you.

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