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CDO or the need of a Digital Business Production Crew

“No longer is it about digital marketing […] it’s about marketing in a digital world” by David Shing, aka Shingy, AOL’s Digital Prophet.

This blog post follows that train of thought and wants to take it to the Digital Business station.

It’s about Business in a Digital World:

  1. How should CDO contribute in driving Digital Transformation into The Company & its corresponding Business?
  2. Why should The Company create a Digital Business Production Crew to Make it Happen?
  3. What can we learn from a couple Case Studies & a few Recommendations?
Chief Digital Officer
Sailing Towards Digital Transformation

Once upon a time, Digital Transformation:

A Brief Story of Digital Transfo. in Audiovisual Industries

From my personal perspective: i’ve been at the “cross fade” between the “analog” & “digital” signal processing(1), quality(2), data-management(3) debate since 2005. Literally: When you’re coming from the Audio Engineering & Creative Media Industries, you have been experiencing the transition for many years as well.

Digital Audio & Film
Digital Transformation in Audiovisual Industries

Digital Transformation in Telecom & Then Moving To Business

Another beautiful example of industries riding the wave for some time is the Telecom one. From traditional PSTN connectivity to VoIP, the Telco sector has been facing very similar challenges to the (1), (2), (3) found in the Media Industries.

Digital Telco
On-going Digital Transformation in the Telecom world

Digital is for Business what riding a bike is to a 7 year old: a crucial part of life.

If you [think you] are not a Digital Native, you’ve probably lived a Digital Transformation within your industry. Understanding the aspects of that transitional phase is key to grasping the potential of what lies ahead of us.

Let’s look at the Business landscape as a whole and underline a few examples where Digital is shaping it. Consider the CDO as a the Captain keeping the Digital Bearing along with its Digital Business Production Crew.

Chief Digital Officer or A Non-Standard Job Description

You’ve heard of the CDO. A new C-Suite position that is booming since 2013~2014 in companies & corporation across the globe. CDO’s are great news for business. A decision maker who understands Digital Natives yet to arrive to your organization. A strategic player to smooth & strengthen the game between CMOs, CTOs, CIOs. [The] “Chief Digital Officer [Is] Overseeing the Transition to a Digital World” [Forbes].

CDO Around The World
The Chief Digital Officer Worldwide According To CDO Summit 2014

Along with peers and transverse teams, CDO’s goals go from defining & executing digital strategies to getting Crew Members On Board across the organization. I believe the CDO to be an Ambassador between StartUps (Digital Native Companies) and the “conventional” business world. It seems relevant as Corporations & StartUps will keep on engaging to deliver common projects while hopefully leveraging “Jugaad Innovation” for instance.

Although there isn’t a standard profile definition, the CDO Summit reports the following “common skills or expertise” on current professional profiles: Business Management, P&L Background, Digital Nativeness, & Coming From The StartUp World. People who have the “multi-disciplinary background and curiosity” are the ones who go far in Shingy’s mind.

Finally, businesses need Digital Evangelists across the organization, geographies, divisions, departments. These Digital Business Production Crews are the Digital Transformation Enablers.

Digital Business Production Crew: Teams That Make The Magic Happen

According to Digital Guru Jonathan Sackett: “1 CDO does not make you a Digital Organization by a long shot. Digital is everybody’s job [and it] should NOT be a department it should be a discipline”.

You need a Digital Evangelist or Enthusiast at every corner of your organization’s open spaces, offices and meeting rooms. You need at least 1 Digital Evangelist or Enthusiast in every “department”.

Digital Transformation projects are cross-departments. At start, probably with NO dedicated team. Having at least 1 Digital Business Producer per department should generate momentum to create a critical mass.

For internal or external goals, building Digital Business Production Crews across your organization, including captains, seem like reasonable “début” to head sails towards the Digital Transformation Ocean. At the other side awaits discovering the benefits of our Digital Society.

Let’s take look at a some examples in the Digital Business landscape.

What about yourself/your-company? Feel like contributing with a thought or two?

Share your Digital Business Experience!

[ And don’t forget to read the wrap up In A Nutshell below! 🙂 ]

To Conclude: Let’s Keep In Mind That

Digital should be to Business what riding a bike is to our kids. However, Digital goes far & beyond making profits out of Digital Assets. Digital is about bridging the gap between Governments & Citizens. Digital is also about creating new ways of communication between people: i get excited about StartUp Companies like SightCall, who are leveraging WebRTC technologies to provide unique communication experiences. The future looks thrilling. Think about the huge potential yet to discover only from the wonderful universe of APIs#ToBeContinued.

In a Nutshell:

At the end of the day, it’s about making the right use of Digital to enhance our lives professionally, personally, at an operational or strategic, business or corporate, governmental and/or citizen levels. Like Jugaad Innovation, i believe that with Digital and its consequential mindsets, we’ll be able to finally accomplish “asset sharing” among competing or “coopeting” companies for instance. This, in turn, will help us preserve our beautiful planet.

Thank you for your time. Please share this article among your colleagues, friends & family. And Please, do leave a comment and/or feedback that can help us improve our upcoming content & formatting.

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